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What makes your cookies different from other baked goods? 

At The Cookie Place Co. we measure and weigh each and every single one of our cookies by hand to ensure it weighs either a quarter of a pound, or half a pound.

Our products deviate from the “traditional” cookie in that ours are more doughy, and cakey than your average cookie considering the size - especially half pounders.

What steps do you take in order to preserve the freshness of your cookies through shipment? 

Each and every cookie shipped is heat sealed in its own wrap to ensure it remains fresh until you take your first bite. We promise it will be worth the wait! 

How long do your cookies last if I choose not to freeze them directly? 

Our cookies are expected to last between 10 - 14 days if stored properly. We recommend keeping them in its packaging until it is ready to be served. 

What size are your cookies? 

We currently offer two sizes - big, and BIGGER. A quarter pound cookie, and a half pound cookie are the two sizes we currently offer. 

How can I preserve the freshness of your cookies? 

You can freeze our cookies up to two months in your freezer to stay fresh. 

Can your cookies be microwaved? 

Yes, of course. Some people prefer to have their cookies warmed up in the microwave. If you do we recommend 30 seconds depending on your appliance.

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