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About Us

Our cookies were inspired by family and friends who were obsessed with anything cookie dough. After many tried attempts, the official cookie recipe was perfected in order to satisfy their cookie cravings. To say the least, we absolutely crushed this challenge and redefined the cookie experience for them because it was nothing like the cookies they have ever tasted before they claimed. 

At The Cookie Place we pride ourselves in using top quality ingredients to ensure that you experience the same flavourful, chocolate experience with every bite. What makes our cookies special is that they are all made by hand - each and every one of them. From the stuffing, to chilling, and then baking in the oven we ensure that no step is missed. What makes a cookie almost nostalgic is that many of us here at The Cookie Place think of our childhood when taking a bite of this baked good.  The Cookie Place aims to take a twist on your traditional cookie by filling your hands with either our half pound, or quarter pound cookies.


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